Dinner Table Family Headquarters Cookbook

IMG_1872 (1)I am so excited to announce our very first published cookbook. That’s right! Hot off the press! This project has been cooking in the oven for over 2 years, researching and experimenting with table ideas to enjoy with family and friends. And now, we are finally sharing what we think inspires us all to enjoy mealtime together. Our dinner table at home instilled in us four sisters the importance of creating memories, aromatic smells throughout our home (especially when family members come home after a day of work and children from school), table conversation, and time together at the end of the day. These memories have shaped us into nurturing moms, great cooks, health conscious eaters, hospitable, and happy. Don’t we ALL want that for our families!?!?!?

Hopefully, the wait was worth it! Thank you for your support and cheering us on. “When is your book coming out?”, “Can’t wait to buy your book!”, “Love the way you cook!”, “Wow, that’s delicious!”…. All those comments have been our inspiration and gave us energy to persevere. We are so grateful to all of you. So, here is what our cookbook features: 30 chapters including 18 meals and over 70 recipes. And, just so you know, Dinner Table is not just a cookbook. The first chunk of Dinner Table includes natural home cleaning recipes, kitchen essentials, dinner table games for the antsy child or adult that gets bored at the table (great tricks to keep your kids at meal time), some kitchen math to stimulate, manner tips, art, photos, and what we all crave for: the ‘calm behind the chaos’. Our goal is to get our book in your homes and empower you to make your house a ‘home sweet home’.

You will notice as you read through the recipes that all four of us have a different style in cooking BUT we are from the same philosophy when it comes to food, cooking, raising our kids and standards. We believe and practice the farm to fork approach to eating, showing our love to our family and friends through hosting the best dinners, using the freshest ingredients made simple, natural and with much LOVE.

With the help of the internet, texting, lots of phone calls, a personal photo shoot up in Canada, and thanks to our most favored room in the house, our kitchens, we did it!!! Cheers! L’Chaim! Bravo! What an accomplishment! Thank you for being so patient. Our Dinner Table Family Headquarters Cookbook HAS ARRIVED and that’s what counts. Enjoy every page!

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Note: Our book is available on Amazon in soft and hard cover
‘Dinner Table Family Headquarters’
(Coming soon at Barnes and Nobles on line and e-book)

Stay tuned for updates on ‘book signing’ events.

Embrace, Enjoy, Live, Love, Laugh, and EAT!

Much Love,
La Reina de la Cocina

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