Chanukah Latkes

Chanukah Latkes


6 russet potatoes, grated
1 onion, grated
3 eggs
1tsp. sea salt
¼ tsp. black pepper
3 tbsp. flour
1 tbsp. oil
Large bowl
Cheesecloth for draining starch
Ice cubes to keep the water ice cold
Grape-seed oil for frying


1. Grate potatoes by hand with a grater or Cuisinart using the grater tool and place in cheesecloth over bowl filled with water and ice. Set aside to drain potato starch for 15-20 minutes.
2. Grate onion and set aside.
3. Combine eggs, sea salt, black pepper, flour, oil and onion in another bowl and mix well.
4. Lift the potatoes in the cheesecloth and squeeze out excess water to dry out the potato starch.
5. Add the grated potatoes to the mixture and combine well.
6. Drop spoonful in hot oil in a pan and brown on both sides. Keep heat at medium to low flame. Turn the latke over with a spatula when it looks fully browned and crispy.

Latkes are a once in a year treat.  Preparing them, cooking them, smelling them, eating them takes me back in time when my mother made latkes growing up.

These are fond memories that I am creating for my family. Latkes might not be the healthiest on the food chain but the happiness we receive from the taste of the crispy latke from year to year is medicine for our soul. Now, that’s healthy! Enjoy!

Embrace, Enjoy, Live, Love, Laugh and EAT!

Happy Holiday!  


Much Love,


La Reina de la Cocina


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