Tofu for my Trance Dance Friends  

I was invited to a Trance Dance Event just recently. What is Trance Dance? Thought you might want to know. In simple terms it’s a dance where we just move to all sorts of instrumental music and let go, feel alive, and get inspired. It’s magical, healing...
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Soup… Food for the Soul

Soup is probably the most historical of anything cooked in the kitchen. There’s a real good reason for that. Haven’t you ever heard or read the story “Stone Soup’? My mother who cooked soup every day of the week (and different soups each night)...
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Happy Healthy Treats

Last night I participated in a Healthy Lifestyle Cooking Class taught by the owner and chef David Intonato of the Purple Elephant in Northport, LI, and special guest RAW chef JP Kahlan from Costa Rica, founder and owner of Naked Foods. (FYI, Purple Elephant...
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Crispy Potatoes dressed with Avocado and Garlic Sauce

The Potato Eaters– 1885, is considered by many to be Van Gogh’s first great work of art. At this time of its creation, Van Gogh had only started painting and had not yet mastered the techniques. The lesson here is that you can create even if you...
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Quinoa- The grain of golden standards

Did you know: Quinoa was cultivated in the Andes 1000’s of years ago. It’s called the ‘mother of grain’ and the ‘gold of the Incas’. We call quinoa a grain but it is a seed, though it is used in all the same ways as other grains like brown...
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Chickpea Turmeric Soup

My soup came about when I began prepping to sauté my chickpeas. I used the organic ready to eat chickpeas from a can and this time I poured the seaweed juice in my pot instead of discarding the juice as I usually do. I looked in the pot and said to myself,...
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Sweet Challah Recipe

Last week my 11 year old son invited a friend for dinner and sleep over. He showed up with a beautifully shaped, Struessel topped, aromatic challah. There was no way this challah was waiting for dinner time. Slice after slice it was devoured and so the...
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Who knew Joe was sloppy?

There are so many versions to making Sloppy Joe. I leave out the sugar but you can add a ½ cup of brown sugar if you wish. Not necessary! I grew up with great memories of my mother making Sloppy Joe. It was one of our favorite meals. We actually ate...
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My Passover Challenges

I have always had challenges with meringues and this Passover, my patience with egg whites came to fruition. I am finally comfortable making meringues and had success for our sedar Passover dessert. I prepare the egg whites with my hand mixer, adding...
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Decadent Chocolate Pudding Anahata

When I think of dark chocolate I think of love and passion. Don’t we all! I’m talking DARK. Forget the milk chocolate. The darker the chocolate the more benefits and effects it will have on our health and satisfaction. A cup of tea with a piece (ok,...
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