Bone Broth Soup – A Poem

I baked the bones for a juicy taste
Enhanced the flavor of the soup I graced 

I filled a large pot with filtered water
Heated it up to get hotter and hotter 

Veggies and apple cider vinegar, herbs and sea salt
Be creative, there is no fault 

Cooking soup is a form of art
The pot is your canvas; the content is a la cart 

The artist in your is kitchen smart, who knows what’s best
For your health, palate, and your heart 

Bone broth should cook on the stovetop for hours
To reap the benefits and gain super powers 

The simmering of the soup causes bones to release
Nutrients, taste, energy, and peace 

The gift of bone broth soup is too good to be true
It creates glowing skin, immunity, and cures colds and the flu

(My biggest soup fan is my husband Stu) 

Poem written by: Genia Taub
Queen of her kitchen

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