Passover The Chicken Lollipops

Passover food is my favorite: vegetables, vegetables, and more vegetables. This is when all the spice and spirit come out in the kitchen to enhance our limited food choices. We think we are limited with tastes to nurture our palates on this holiday of...
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Tis the Friday before Chanukah – LIGHTS – OIL – ACTION! We all know that the best French Fries are crispy and fresh. That’s what makes them so addicting and delicious. Well, at this time of year we can learn from the French chefs who certainly...
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When we go low sugar – We go high on life!

My deliciously magical, and low glycemic index soup was inspired by my Zucchini Non-Dairy Cream Soup found in my (and my sisters) cookbook: ‘Dinner Table Family Headquarters’ – page 86.  For the past few weeks I have been focusing on ‘low glycemic...
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Bean Burger: Powerful, Pure, Protein Snack or Meal – Delish!

Have you ever made a homemade veggie burger? Did you like it? I have experimented with many recipes. I have explored and analyzed vegetable burgers from different cookbooks, restaurants, and even store bought. My hypothesis is that most veggie burgers...
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Bone Broth

Bone Broth is one of the most healing foods you can eat. Soup for the Soul – there are tons of books written about soup being the mother food, nurturing food, penicillin, healing, comforting, and a meal in a pot. In my cookbook Dinner Table Family...
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Bone Broth Soup – A Poem

I baked the bones for a juicy taste Enhanced the flavor of the soup I graced  I filled a large pot with filtered water Heated it up to get hotter and hotter  Veggies and apple cider vinegar, herbs and sea salt Be creative, there is no fault  Cooking...
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Meatballs Cran-Salsalicious

I double this recipe because it needs to go a long way. My boys go for second helpings and than ask me to prepare the same dish for their lunch in school the next day. Love it! Ingredients: Meatballs: 3 lbs ground beef – go for lean! 2 eggs 1 onion...
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Taco Super Delicioso

This Mexican Taco Beef recipe can be served in more ways than one.  In our cookbook Dinner Table Family Headquarters I share a recipe – Taco Delicioso on page 100 that I have made for my family for years. It’s quite simple because the spices are...
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Zucchini Onion Pizza

Throwback Thursday – My roommate from the 80’s messaged me on Facebook asking me for a gluten free, dairy free pizza recipe. Thanks to food and social media. My foodie posts, yoga shares, and all my other goodies are being seen and well received....
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New beginnings with SPICES and HERBS

Food is always better when properly seasoned. Your food will taste better, smell better, and look better. You’ll enjoy playing around in your kitchen because you’ll know what you’re doing, and you’ll be respected as a cook. It certainly makes...
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