Four sisters unite to create complete, easy, delicious and artistic meals

A fool proof way to satisfy everyone at your table

The best way to experience a ‘home sweet home’ is with family and friends eating around a table together. These are pure Dinner Table Family Headquarterslove memories that will last a lifetime.

This unique cookbook will help you create gorgeous, easy, delicious, balanced meals. The stories from the authors themselves and their children will make you want to do the same for your children and guests. The Dinner Table can turn into a game night where laughter and conversation comes easy and is so much fun. Dinner Table shares insights, cooking tips, the benefits of eating together, art and inspiring quotes.

The Epelbaum sisters’ passion for their ‘kitchen headquarters’ will inspire you to make your home an even sweeter – “Home Sweet Home”.

Embrace, Enjoy, Live, Love, Laugh and EAT!

“The kitchen is the heart of the home.”

-Merle,  Liz,  Genia,  Suzie

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